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i'm andrea roane. >> you are now. >> tell us how you really feel. >> oh that was great. howard is here with the forecast. it is a good one, put a smile on your face. >> reporter: it is beautiful outside. feeling so good. the humidity levels are down. here's a look outside on our michael and son weather cam. gorgeous this morning, 61 at reagan national. 73 by noon. high today 78. don't forget your sunscreen or sunglasses. there is no cloudiness out there and that is how it is going to stay all day. we are down for 53, 46 in garrett county and oakland, manassas 52 and 60 degrees over in anderson. it is a beautiful morning out there with your highs this afternoon going into the mid and upper 70s. loving it. here comes monika samtani. she has your timesaver traffic. i don't have good news and it is a tough one on the
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southbound side of the parkway. a multi-vehicle accident right after route 410. i'm showing you what it looks like from our sky 9 on the southbound side of the bw parkway, an accident involving up to eight vehicles and you can see the traffic is squeezing by to the right to get around this accident scene. if you are planning to head southbound, early delays, here's the solid back-up as you try to get past the accident. flares and police set up at the scene there to clean it up there we go. squeezing by to the right to get around it. again multi-vehicles here. i will keep you posted on that situation and the delays forming because of it throughout this morning. in the meantime, let's go over to another live picture. this is in college park. if you are on the beltway near route 1. the bw parkway, route 50, all of those are fine. no problems across the north side of the beltway from 95 over toward silver spring in bethesda. southbound 270, route 109 is
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going to be continuous to route 121. i'll be back with more on the situation at 6:11. back to you guys. redskins fans have to be feeling pretty good about the future this morning. rg iii looked awesome in his nfl debut. >> he had lots of family and friends at the superdome, he threw for two touchdowns, 320 yards and not one interception. skins win 40-32. coach mike haniotakis was very impressed with his rookie quarterback. >> robert not only executed the offense, he only had two or three plays that were off balance, so hopefully, we can keep on getting better and better and you know, this is you know, obviously a kickoff for us i don't good kickoff. only three other players have thrown for more yards in their nfl debut.
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the redskins fans are definitely glowing this morning. kristen fish soldier live in dupont circle getting reaction. smiles abound. good morning kristen. >> reporter: smiles abound of course. a great day to be in redskins nation. you know i think the front page of the washington post says it all. the headline, believe it. rg iii shines as the redskins stun the saints in the season opener. you know, i think fans were pleasantly stunned as well. they knew and hoped rg iii would be able to deliver in his nfl debut, but there have been a lot of times when redskins fans have been sorely disappointed. they didn't want to get their hopes up too much. now this morning, relief. they are overjoyed. i caught up with one fan. take a listen to the day after the big win. >> what did you think of rg iii's big debut? >> i think it was great.
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nobody expected it. i watched the game, throughout the game i said man, this is a really what we got for the draft pick. so i'm glad he is here. i expect him to improve throughout the year. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: you think this is the beginning of the new era for the redskins? >> i think so. this is just one game. >> reporter: temper or expectations? >> temper our expectations. i know a lot will be happy and expect playoffs, but we have to see how it goes throughout the year. >> reporter: redskins fans tempering their expectations this morning. this is, after all, one win in the full season but redskins off to a very solid start. this is what everybody is talking about this morning. i have got to say even though the nats lost yesterday, here we have our baseball team number one right now. we have the redskins so far undefeated, it is a pretty good time to be a washington sports fan, right mike?
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absolutely. 73% of his passes he completed yesterday so a great start for the redskins. kristen fisher live in dupont circle this morning. and our redskins coverage continues. we have a photo gallery from the game there. get the nine things redskins fans learned from the game and you can see video earlier in the week of rg iii playing horse. power crews did an excellent job bringing back electricity after saturday's storm. the strong wind and rain caused damage all across the region, the worst of it was in northern virginia, like this mess on south shore lane in reston. the line of storms brought down trees on to homes and cars, fortunately, there are no reports of anyone being seriously hurt. the intercounty connector hasn't even been open a year yet and there are problems with
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proof the bridges. the bridges have hairline cracks this them. one carries the ic cover route 29 and the state blames a miscalculation by the contractors. the cracks will be repaired, the hairline cracks were found in three other bridges earlier this year. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> the so-called fiscal cliff we are heading toward and is congress going to do anything about it? >> they are just getting back from a five week vacation. that must be knight nice right? and they are going to get to work for a short pre election session. they are facing down a slew of deadlines in the prospect of the debilitating fiscal cliff in january. but lawmakers are expected to take a path on the big issues of taxes and spending cuts. instead they are likely to focus on doing the bare minimum, at issue right now a six month temporary spending bill to finance the day-to-day
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operations of the federal government. the federal cliff refers to a program of tax hikes and government spending cuts that will be triggered in the new year unless lawmakers come to some sort of agreement to stop them. many have predicted another recession if the u.s. heads over that so-called fiscal cliff. in the meantime the government is selling more of its shares in aig. the government launched a $182 billion bailout of the major insurer back in 2008. aig says the treasury department is selling $18 billion worth of its common shares to institutional investors. aig received the biggest of the wall street bailout packages. get ready to hear a lot of ads asking questions like are you falling asleep after dinner? the advertising claims are that you could have low t. the hittest big marketing push by the nation's drug companies
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are for testosterone treatments. jeels, and injections aimed at boosting the male hormone that begins to deline after the age of 40. the question remains of when these actually work. our time is 6:08. in five minutes hear from the navy seal involved in the raid that killed osama bin laden. learn the weird thing he did when he came home from that important mission. it is a brisk, refreshing start out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, depending on where you are waking up. howard says a beautiful day is coming your way. but first be careful when you google emma watson. the harry potter actress is the most dangerous celebrity to search online. you have a one in eight chance of landing on a site trying to harm your computer or steal your information. others are selina gomez and
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jimmy kimmel.
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howard here with your weather first. it is a beautiful monday morning. we are going to have
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temperatures by lunch time in the low 70s, northwest winds at 10rbgs occasionally gusting to 15. mid to upper 70s, enjoy it. thanks howard. i just got off the phone with officer west of park police. he tells me that here on the southbound side of the bw parkway at route 410 it was a seven car pile up. minor injuries involved. they are waiting on a tow truck or a couple of tow trucks, actually to move these vehicles out of the way. only the right lane gets by. back to you guys. here's a check on the stories making news. schools will be open in chicago today but teachers won't be there, they are going on strike. weekend negotiations failed and both sides say they remained far apart on a promize member benefit. prosecutors say the medical technician accused of spreading hepatitis c started doing it in 2008, two years earlier than
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previously claimed. david kwikowski is accused of putting thousands of people at risk. check out this video, a pizza shop owner in florida lifting president obama off the ground. he is a republican but he does support the president. the navy seal talking about the killing of osama bin laden says the mission wasn't only about killing the terrorist mastermind. >> he said bin laden was killed because it was unclear if he was armed. he outlines that in his new book "no easy day ." >> is there ever a point mark in which you shook hands with each other, slapped each other on the back? >> once we landed everybody kind of hugged and high fived and took a couple of photos and it
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was our five minute hey, cool. we pulled this off, good job. and then it was back to work. >> in his book, owen describes how they loaded the body on to a pickup truck and brought it to where the head of the joint operations command was waiting. they unzipped the bag. standing nearby was the cia analyst who had spent years on bin laden's trail. >> miss 100%. the woman who told you she was 100% certain they had osama bin laden. >> right. we are all in the hangar. immediately we saw her and she started crying. a pretty significant event in her life, i'm sure. >> six hours later the president announced it to the world. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> yeah, we watched it live.
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they had tvs set up in the hanger that we were at and literally still in your camouflage uniform are our gear kind of set to the side and we heard it was coming and we gathered around and watched the address. >> what did you think? >> now the world knows that we've got him. >> when you landed back in the united states, what did you think of all the media coverage? >> it was all surreal. this had been so hush hush leading up to it. we we want and did it. we got on a bus, they drove us back to work. i didn't even go in, they told us we had a couple of days off, i grabbed my keys, went and got in my truck and i put it in the book but you know, i hit taco bell on the way home, hit the drive-thru, couple of tacos and you know, ate it in my car right there and drove home.
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>> you were part of the team that killed osama bin laden and the first thing you do when you get back to the united states is go to taco bell? >> two tacos and a bean burrito. it is routine. >> wow. you can see more coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning. howard bernstein is here with a great start to the weekend weather. >> it is so nice to be outside this morning. i just did, it is a beautiful day. when you see a weather camera shot, sunrise about a half hour away. 50s and low 60s out there clear and cool. day planner calling for sunshine all day long. low 70s by noon. 76 at 3:00 with a 78-degree high. 74 degrees we are looking gorgeous, chilly though. 46 in garrett county, oakland,
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50 degrees in cumberland, 54, and 63 at the river air station. justify a couple of clouds on the horizon. a gorgeous morning out there, 61 degrees, clear skies, northwest winds at 10 miles per hour, humidity at 70%. this is good. this is going to kick leslie a little bit east and get toward this direction in the next couple of days. high pressure, clear skies, traveling anywhere across the eastern u.s., mid-70s across the east coast, detroit, chicago atlanta and charlotte 82. this is some great weather. our next chance of rain will be probably saturday night into sunday. today looks great.
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78 tonight, tonight we are going to be down in the 50s. tomorrow beautiful 7, as we head toward wednesday, 84 degrees, seasonably warm here to finish out the work week with mid-80s thursday and friday. look at the temperatures climbing low to mid-60s. probably did saturday night except the rain off. we have stuff to talk about now monika? >> reporter: we do. you see this little triangle right here, it is an accident on the inbound side of i 66 after route 50 sitting on the shoulder. big story of the morning though, a 7 vehicle pile up southbound on the bw parkway right here after route 410. you are going to go about 5 miles per hour. let's take a live look from our sky 9. look at the traffic squeezing by
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on the right shoulder. police and flares upright now so watch out from this delay. past router 410 before you get by the accident and the crews, back over to the maps. this time northbound 95, a bit of slow stuff here in triangle and then again in wood brimming. we'll take a live look outside. bunching up route 644 up to the beltway. i'll be back with more coming up to 625. back to you guys. it is 6:19 next in sports, see the outfits worn by the nationals as they travel to new york. only 38% of americans have ever used which one of these things? is it a rotary telephone, a typewriter or an answering machine? >> bern debt writes i have used them all. so i guess it is people under
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25 and it is probably the rotary phone. they may have gone away about 10 to 15 years ago. i don't know. does that make me old? >> i feel your pain. we'll be right back. chase freedom gives you 5% cash back? at restaurants now... bon appétit guys, enjoy. activate your 5% cash back at
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welcome back. 6:23 your weather first on this beautiful monday morning. cool crisp conditions out there this morning. a fantastic monday across the region. check out tyson's corner, beautiful this morning with the buildings there reflecting the sunrise with the glow in the east. 73 at noon, by 3:76. north to northwest winds 10, gusting to 15 with a high of 78. michael? in sports the nationals begin a three game series with the new york mets first pitch 7:10. the nats and the fans are glad they won't see the marlins again this year.
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four hits yesterday dc falls to miami 8-06789 atlanta won so the nationals' lead in the division is down to five and a half games. okay, check out this photo on twitter by gio gonzalez. this is a little creepy. the nationals rookies dressed up as the u.s. women's gymnastics team. they rode the train up to new york dressed like this, believe it or not. he tweeted these were the athletes that didn't quite make the team. weather has delayed the u.s. open men's championship match to this afternoon. you can catch the action at 4:00, right here on channel 9. the women's final was yesterday afternoon. serena williams was two points away from losing when she staged a huge rally.
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she went on to win in three sets, capturing her fourth u.s. open title. straight ahead, hear from robert griffin iii on his winning debut with the redskins. jess ca has a preview of the new iphone. and check on the commute with monika. >> reporter: if you are planning to head southbound on the bw parkway, definitely reconsider. big delays because of the multi-vehicle accident that has been ongoing for about an hour now after route 410. details in my next report. you are watching 9news now. stay with us.
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welcome back. we have been laughing all morning for various reasons. we are glad you are with us this morning. here is a live look as we peek outside dupont circle. 60. that is crisp. a beautiful fall morning, you are going going to enjoy the day when you head out. i'm mike haiduk. a redskins win. here's monika samtani. >> reporter: i can't wait for the u.s. open today. >> howard's first with a really nice forecast. especially if you are out on the course later on today. don't forget your sunscreen. we are getting into september but you can still burn. crisp and clear this morning, here's a look outside at northwest dc, looking off to
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the west this morning. noon sunny and 73. we are looking at temperatures this morning which are in the 50s in many areas north and west, thanks to the clear size overhead. got a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest. does it feel nice with 50 in cumberland, 66 in annapolis, and 61 going up into the mid and upper 70s, a great start to the week. weatherwise i wish i could say the same for traffic but don't shoot the messenger. here's monika samtani. you know, on the southbound side of the bw parkway, monday morning has not been so great for a lot of commuters, that is because we had a seven vehicle pile up i was talking to park police about it and they said people follow too closely and go too fast early in the morning. if you are heading southbound look at the delay from the
6:31 am
beltway past route 410. i'm going to show what you it looks like from our sky 9. look at that delay solid at 6:30 in the morning, i'm so sorry, i think you are going to be late. let's go become over to our maps. normal slow stuff and beyond that toward route 50, we'll take a live allegiance at the allegiance bridge here. things look great across the river. back at 6:43. redskins fans were expecting a lot from rg iii in this nfl debut. >> an outstanding debut for the redskins. the redskins were in new orleans, a tough place to play, facing the saints.
6:32 am
rg iii threw a pair of touchdown passes, including this 88-yard touchdown play hooking up with pierre. redskins upset mightily, the saints 40-32. after the game rg iii said the day could have gone even better. >> we could have scored a few points but nothing is ever perfect. you know there are some passes i wish i had become. there are some plays i wish i had back. falling on a keep are, you know all those things. but i'm not going to be debby downer. we did a good job, we won the game. >> that is the bottom line, they won the game. notice rg iii was so exited to talk with reporters he didn't even shower first and still had the ball in his hands. >> good call. kristen fisher is live in dupont circle getting reactions
6:33 am
from skins fans, what are you hearing? >> reporter: they are elated. redskins fans could not be happier with rg iii's headline performance. the washington post headline reads a brazil yont beginning. griffin passes for 320 yards, -- a brilliant beginning. griffin passes for 320 yards. i think that will be the picture everybody remembers this morning. inside, front page of the sports section, right from the start, look at that big smile on his face. i think that says it all. then finally the front page of usa today welcome to the nfl, and they choose rg iii for the big center picture. so he is the talk of the nfl this morning. he is certainly the talk of those in washington.
6:34 am
i caught up with one big redskins fan right as he was about to get on the metro. >> reporter: you watched the game yesterday. what did you think of rg iii. >> spectacular, did everything expected, better than a rookie you would think could ever do. great to watch. >> reporter: think it is the beginning of a new era in redskins football? >> we sure hope so. >> reporter: about time right? i don't definitely. 20 years is long enough. >> i think everybody was comfortable with the game plan we had coming in about a lot of things we had been shown in the preseason. i think everybody executed it to a t. >> >> we went out there and executed our game plan. offense put up 40 points. anytime the offense puts up 40 points and hold the ball as long as they did, it is our responsibility as the defense to make sure we seal the victory. >> reporter: now in my opinion the real reason the redskins
6:35 am
won, not rg iii, it is my seven-month-old golden doodle. she is wearing her very first redskins jersey. it is kind of a good luck charm. she watched the whole game, i think we are going to have to keep it on her every redskins game for the rest of the season. what do y'all think? >> home and away jerseys and those pink ones they throw on ladies every now and again. >> thanks kristen. the ravens hosting cincinnati, kickoff at 7:00. the ravens went 12-4 last season and they lost to the patriots. we could learn later on today when it was a tornado that hit northern virginia over the weekend. several houses are condemned,
6:36 am
scores of trees are toppled. residents say they have never seen a storm like this before. >> we had a big wind coming this way. and like this. >> the national weather service conducted surveys in reston. that believes a tornado did not touchdown, but they are planning to look at the data one more time today. violence returns to a pharmacy in northeast dc again. police say a customer walked into a rite aid on rye land avenue near franklin street. the gunman is still on the run this morning. this is the same rite aid where an employee was shot and paralyzed during a robbery back in april. a new athletic field at notre dame prep in maryland is dedicated for yardley love. she was the uva lacrosse player
6:37 am
killed in 2010. love's family raised more than a million dollars for the team and it set up a scholarship in yardley's name. jessica doyle is watching your money and a new thing to spend it on. we are expecting a new unveiling from apple this week. >> maybe you heard about this? all eyes are on apple this week of course. just maybe two or days until we find out about the iphone 5 the stock is already popping. the rumor mill has it the phone will be. >> thinner faster with a larger screen and a better camera. >> they could land in stores by september 21st. how important is the iphone to apple? in june 2012, iphones brought in $74 billion. microsoft combined all of its products and services, $73 billion.
6:38 am
analysts estimate 22 million iphones will be sold from october through december. the ipad could be getting new competition. today toys r us is expected to announce a new tablet computer just for kids. it could be available late next month. here's a freebie for your kids. people love the free haircuts for kids program last month so much j. c. penney will be making this offer permanent. 1.6 million kids received free haircuts in august. >> we think it is too expensive just for kids, $150? >> i guess this is a cheaper persian of an ipad for them. the band action item is in
6:39 am
town for a show at the 9:30 clubton. but they are up early this morning. we thank them for that. they are live on our weather terrace to give you a sneak pree preview in just a few minutes. howard is not really telling you to skip work today, he would never do that. but he suggests taking your lunch outside. beautiful day headed your way. we'll let you know how long it will last, next after this
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welcome back. it is 6:43 and a cool 61 degrees. a pretty morning except on the bw parkway, where we have been telling you for over an hour about a multi-vehicle accident southbound bw parkway after route 410. now i just got off the phone with officer west of park police. he has been so very helpful this morning. he tells me it is all cleared up, lanes are open, except for
6:44 am
the solid delay all the way down from the beltway again where all lanes are open, the accident has been cleared. we'll take a live look outside in college park and show what you it looks like on the beltway. no issues here until you hit the i-95 interchange. let's go back over to our maps and this time take a look at 270. southbound side i would say an average of 16 miles per hour. route 109 as you head down to 121. then a live look at falls road, here it is just that volume flow here off and onto the spur but all lanes are open and good on the beltway west side of town. back to you andrea and howard. i'm here with howard at 6:44. you may need a jacket or sweatshirt this morning if you are heading out. >> yeah, it is a little cool out there in spots. down to 50 a beautiful morning. >> it feels good after a long, hot summer. our bus stop forecast this morning, this is it. this has been the big change.
6:45 am
the storms came through saturday with that front doing the damage, but also bringing a big change to the pattern. it is a cool, clear morning, sunshine out there, temperatures running in the 50s and low 60s, but really feeling great, sunrise coming up right now at 6:45. by 4:00 we are at 76. our high is 78. either side of 4:00 p.m. and then by 8:00 we are still in the low 70s. a great evening as well, temperatures 50 in gaithersburg, haymarket at 60, one of the warmer spots with 54 from bowie. 58 in upper marlboro. on our michael and son weather cam. northwest dc, a beautiful morning. feels great with a dew point in the lower 50s. weather headlines we are in for
6:46 am
a gorgeous start to the week today. chilly tonight, we are going to see 40s north and west. tomorrow a little bit of a breeze today. our next chance of rain will be by the weekend, perhaps saturday night into sunday. frontal boundaries offshore, with high pressure building in. 78 today. tonight 50s with upper 40s. wednesday looks good at 84 a little warmer. hold on to mid-80s for highs through friday. that is going to be our next chance for showers and thunderstorms. michael, you are outside enjoying this cool, crisp weather. this is a band they are going to be here in dc tonight at the 9:30 club. mtv calls them buzz worthy.
6:47 am
how long have you been together? >> three years. >> best friends in three years, because of our fans. > they are so dedicated and we love them so much for that. one of your singles is the last day of summer i don't we are going to let you hear action item 9:30 clubton. continued success, let it go. ♪[ music ]
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today is monday, september 10th. here's a check on the news before you go, prince george's county police will provide an update this morning on the murder of amber stanley. she was the 17-year-old killed in her bedroom last month. so far there have been no arrests in the case. the memorial bridge between
6:54 am
the lincoln memorial and the arlington cemetery.  expect lanes in each direction to be closed between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. each week day. the redskins will be talking with reporters today about their season opening win. rg iii had a pair of touchdown passes. 6:54 time to reveal the answer to the question of the morning. the question. only 38% of americans have ever used one of these things, a rotary telephone, a typewriter or an answering machine? >> the answer is a rotary telephone. >> it takes a long time to dial it and watch it go all the way back around. one more check on traffic and weather right here on 9news now. so stay with us.
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welcome back. beautiful this morning and great this afternoon, we'll be in the upper 70s, great weather for much of the week, maybe a couple of showers later in the weekend. monika? >> reporter: the worst part of the commute has been on the bw parkway. delays beginning before the be. off and on delays from 109 and 95 northbound expected right through springfield. wall street looking flat right now. hoping for better days. we are having some fun, you want to do yours first? >> cbs this morning is next. you know that. this is action item, they are out here to perform. tonight at the 9:30 club so go out and see them. they are a great band and noted as buzz worthy on mtv and they are going to play us out >> guys, take it away.
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,. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ]

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